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Environmental policy

At The Old Repeater Station we are all committed to conducting our business and working practices in a way that minimises the environmental impact of our activities.
Some of the main actions we have taken to reduce our impact are:

•  All staff are trained in environmental procedures

•  We are efficient in our use of energy

•  We monitor waste and recycle appropriately

•  We use eco-friendly products

•  We trade, wherever possible, locally

•  We contribute to the support of wildlife

A symbol of our continued commitment to the environment is our commitment to Green Tourism. By encouraging sustainable practices the scheme ensures the continued enjoyment of the environment around us for future generations.

At The Old Repeater Station we maintain a wildlife habitat by:

•  Feeding and offering homes to birds.

•  Allowing insects to develop naturally, by not using  insecticides or chemicals

•  Allowing the growth of natural flora and keeping our  gardens and grounds in a natural way.